Short Video of Me Working Out with my Personal Trainer. Love This Gal!

I started working out with a personal trainer in March of 2017 and it really made the difference for me.

In fact, when people ask me how I got in shape I tell them I hired a trainer.

When they ask me how they can reproduce my results, I tell them to hire a trainer, a good one, and DO WHAT THEY TELL YOU TO DO.  That’s what I did.

There are no short cuts and it’s hard work but having a trainer at  my side meant everything to me.  I didn’t start lifting, really lifting, until I hired a trainer, and I was over 50 so it was important for me to be safe and be smart about it.

Nikki Pavlich is THE best and I am so very grateful to have her in my corner.  I’ve learned so much this year and my confidence has skyrocketed.

Last year I was invited to participate in a promotional video for the YMCA.  It was so much fun!  Watch Nikki work her magic on me in this short video:



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