Oh No! There’s Chocolate in the House!

So, I left the gym yesterday after a great workout and headed to the local warehouse store. You know, the one where you buy everything in bulk. I think it’s a great idea for things like paper towels and toilet paper.

Well,  you know what else I bought? A huge bag of candy bars! Not for me but for the little goblins that will be knocking on my door this Halloween – that’s tomorrow!  And I know, I’m a health advocate and maybe I should be handing out raisins and apples but I’m of the mindset that clean and healthy eating should be the norm and that holidays are for indulging.

So I have this huge bag of chocolate candy in my kitchen cupboard and there was a time when I would have probably eaten 10 pieces by now, no lie. And don’t think that that didn’t occur to me when I woke up this morning because it did. I actually told myself that one small piece with my morning coffee wouldn’t be such a bad thing but it was just a thought that went through my head and that’s all it was. A remnant of the former me.

Want to know what I actually did eat?  Just in case you are tempted to dive into those holiday treats.

I got out my blender and mixed myself a very healthy smoothie. And I told myself that if after the smoothie I still wanted the candy then so be it but that absolutely was not the case. My post-smoothie body is quite content.

I hardly recognize myself these days. Last week I actually had to throw out expired ice cream. Who knew that ice cream expired!?

Here’s what went into my smoothie this morning:

Baby spinach leaves

One banana

About a cup of frozen apple juice

A half a scoop of plant-based protein powder

A cup of frozen strawberries and blackberries.

1/2 cup water

Blend well and enjoy!  Adjust the ingredients to your liking.

 Chances are you won’t give those pesky holiday treats another thought.

If you do decide to go for the candy TRY THIS FIRST:

  1.  Read the label
  2.  Note the calories
  3.  Note the serving size – a serving size could be one candy bar or it could be three pieces of candy depending on what brand you buy.

Measure one serving size and put the rest away and indulge without guilt.

If you don’t want to blend up a smoothie then eat an apple or other piece of fruit before reaching for the candy….and be sure you are drinking plenty of water.

Would love to hear your thoughts!


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