No More Wishy Washy Resolutions.

So you’ve polished off the last of the holiday cookies, and rang in the New Year but have you written down your goals for 2018? Do you even have a clue where to start? Have you even given this any thought?  

I recently read that
41% of people make New Year’s resolutions and only 9.1% keep them.

Well, that makes me feel a bit better because I have not made any New Year resolutions this year. It’s not that I don’t believe in them. It was a New Year’s resolution that my husband and I made together that got me on the road to meeting my health goals this past year.

So I sat down this morning, just me and my journal, and I did a bit of soul-searching.

I realized that I’d been beating myself up for not making New Year resolutions! And the reason I haven’t set them is because I don’t take them lightly. I’m not going to make resolutions about just anything.

Seriously, the word resolute means firm in purpose or belief characterized by firmness and determination.

You cannot make resolutions from a wishy-washy space of uncertainty. You’ve got to know what is important to you, where you will put your energy this year, and what you refuse to fail at.

So if you haven’t set resolutions this year, don’t beat yourself up but don’t dismiss this opportunity to take a really close heartfelt look at the year ahead.

I invite you to take some time to do a bit of soul excavation. Sit down with your Journal, make a coffee date with your friend, take a good look at the coming year. What area of your life really needs your attention. Be honest with yourself. I guarantee you know exactly what you need to do in the coming year, at least there is a part of you that does, and your job is to tap that wisdom.

You don’t have to have it all figured out either.  Just be willing to take an honest look at your life and tell yourself the truth about where you are and where you want to be.
It could be in the area of health and fitness, career and finance, general self-care and well-being, and maybe you just need to clean out all the clutter! And if you want to improve the relationship you have with others, start with the relationship you have with yourself. 

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