Back from Burnout and Ready to Play

For the past year-and-a-half I’ve been on sabbatical, what I like to call my own personal self care retreat. The truth is, I had to retreat. I needed to find myself again.

The day I was hauled off to the hospital in the back of an ambulance was the final straw. It was time for me to take my self-care to the extreme, something I had been teaching my clients to do for years.

So I withdrew from the world for a while. I shut down my websites, put my coaching business on hold, I turned down the volume on what felt like an extremely loud and busy life and I began to listen to my heart again.

Me with my partner in all things and the love of my life, John. Biking where the dear and the antelope play!

My life has changed in so many ways this past year. I have broken through barriers that I never thought I could. I had already been working out with my husband, John, for over a year when I hired a personal trainer to help take me to the next level, and she did! I’ve worked hard physically and spiritually. And I can’t wait to share more with you!

I would love your feedback so let me know if there are any topics that you would like me to cover or any questions or comments you have regarding anything I share here.   And if you haven’t already, take a minute to subscribe so you’ll receive blog post and announcements by email.

I’m looking forward to staying connected!

Be well my friend,

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