Magic Wishes and Piles of Laundry – What a Life

Today I want to share what I call “one of those magical moments in life” when we suddenly become aware that we truly are connected to something bigger.  Dr. Wayne Dyer helped me with this one and for that I’ll always be grateful.  He continues to inspire me.

It was a Sunday afternoon a few years back and I was folding laundry and listening to one of my favorite authors and teachers, Dr. Wayne Dyer, on PBS talking about his latest book, Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting.

All morning I’d been feeling stuck and a bit frustrated and I just couldn’t shake it off.

So there I was on a beautiful sunny and clear day in Colorado, my little Yorkie longingly staring up at me with those big beautiful brown soulful eyes desperately wanting to go for a walk, and I just didn’t feel like it.

So I folded t-shirts and jeans, shorts and, well you get the picture.  I don’t “hate” anything but if I did it’d be folding laundry.  Although, through practicing mindfulness over the last few years I’ve managed to not NOT hate it so much because, well,  I don’t hate anything.  (Obviously I have more work to do in that department).

I had finally folded everything I could before facing the dreaded sock pile (the absolute worst part of laundry) when I heard Dr. Dyer talk about St. Germain in the I AM Discourses, and I experienced an instant shift.  I was no longer focused on the “stupid” socks, although I continued to fold them.

Maybe because I was a student of meditation and mindfulness (I’ll always be a student) or maybe because Dr. Dyer is SO connected that like gravity he pulled me from the confines of my own self-focused pity party and I was free to experience a “higher” me.  What I do know is his words were a beacon that completely transformed who I was being in that moment.

“The moment you say ‘I Am’, you set in motion this Power that has inherent within it all of these faculties.  It has all substance, and must take on whatsoever form the attention of the mind is fixed upon.  The ‘I Am’ is the Fathomless mind of God.   Use this fathomless mind of yours to place your attention always  on what is aligned with your Source of being – the unlimited abundance that is the highest good of all concerned.”   The I Am Discourses  by St. Germain as quoted by Dr. Wayne Dyer in Wishes Fulfilled.

Well, the laundry was done, the sun was still shining and my little puppy still wanted to go for a walk, so we did.  We were three blocks down the street when Rosco tried to pull me onto a neighbor’s lush green lawn.  I figured he needed to “conduct some puppy business” but we were close to the park and I decided  he could wait so I attempted to pull him along.  He wasn’t having it though and put up quite a fit.  He’s small but feisty!  So I had to take two steps onto the lawn to reach him and as I bent down to pick him up I noticed a piece of plain white notebook paper on the ground at my feet.   What I saw next truly took my breath away:  written in pencil were two words, “I AM”, and nothing more.

I still feel a spark of electricity pulse through me when I think of that day.  A day like many others that keep me on a path of embodying my “better self” or “taking the high road” as my mama use to say.

Transformation often feels magical.  Now, if I could find some magic that could transform laundry from dirty to clean, well pressed and hanging perfectly in my closet, well, now THAT would be something.

Seriously, if you haven’t read “Wishes Fulfilled” by Dr. Wayne Dyer, I highly recommend it.   And if you have laundry tips, please let me know.

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