Life Coaching Cafe Facebook Group

Looking to make some changes in your life?

Need some accountability, inspiration, motivation and encouragement? A place to share ideas?

The Life Coaching Café is a FREE Facebook group where people are leaning into each other for support in accomplishing those everyday important matters around fitness, finance, life balance, relationship, self care and more.   Come check us out and join in the conversation!

Here’s what you get when you join: A group who understands and wants you to succeed. We’re all working on stuff and our diversity allows for a very broad perspective. If you want to achieve it, there’s a good chance someone here has done it or is working on it too! Magical Monday: On Monday’s we invite you to share what you are working on. What goals do you REALLY want to achieve? What projects need your focus and energy? Where do you need support and help? Share it and get moving on your goals and dreams. Do you have a resource or tip for others in the group? Do you offer a service yourself that will help others? Share your recommendations, resources, tools and tips. Together, we CAN do it.   And then followup and let us know how things are going. Share your wins so we can celebrate with you. Share your challenges so we can stand with you. No judgement. We learn about ourselves from both – and THAT’S a win. So what are you waiting for? Come join us today.

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