Are You Ready for a New Season?

This past week I noticed the hummingbird population at my house has exploded! Only a few hummingbirds stick around here for the summer breeding season but now that they are beginning their migration south we have lots of hummingbirds flying through and we can hardly keep our feeders full! I love it but their migration also signals that we are approaching the end of summer and that’s got me thinking about what I want to focus on next month. I’ve decided to integrate a new meditation into my self-care routine during the month of September. I’ll be popping into the Life Coaching Cafe for Women Facebook Group all month to update. Have you given any thought to what you want to work on in September? It really does help to mentally prepare for the changes you want to make. Ladies, you are welcome to come join us! By the way, guys, we also have a Life Coaching Cafe Group for everyone so come join us there if you’d like support.

And here’s the link to the book I’m talking about on today’s video: (not my affiliate link – just want to share).

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