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Making Lasting Changes in a Changing World

I’ve been working out with a personal trainer for over a year. She’s been invaluable to me this year.

Now she is moving to Denver and I’m going to have to reassess and adjust my success plan. That’s what this week’s video is about.

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Wednesday Video – Are You Keeping Your Promises to Yourself?

The topic for today’s video is Keeping Your Promises – to yourself.  If you are ready to make positive changes in your life I suggest you start with keeping the promises that you make to yourself.

You don’t have to make big promises.

Keep them small and simple and you will make progress towards whatever you are working on.

I did it when I decided to make positive changes in my health, and I help my clients do this everyday.

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Short Video of Me Working Out with my Personal Trainer. Love This Gal!

I started working out with a personal trainer in March of 2017 and it really made the difference for me.

In fact, when people ask me how I got in shape I tell them I hired a trainer.

When they ask me how they can reproduce my results, I tell them to hire a trainer, a good one, and DO WHAT THEY TELL YOU TO DO.  That’s what I did.

There are no short cuts and it’s hard work but having a trainer at  my side meant everything to me.  I didn’t start lifting, really lifting, until I hired a trainer, and I was over 50 so it was important for me to be safe and be smart about it.

Nikki Pavlich is THE best and I am so very grateful to have her in my corner.  I’ve learned so much this year and my confidence has skyrocketed.

Last year I was invited to participate in a promotional video for the YMCA.  It was so much fun!  Watch Nikki work her magic on me in this short video:


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