My journey as a “personal life coach” began in 1992 when my husband, John, and I attended the Landmark Forum  and spent the next couple of years attending as many evening seminars as we could fit into our busy schedules.

Shortly after that I had a dream, (I’ve kept a dream journal since I was 12) which lead me to study with the Inner Peace Movement for the next year.  This was a time when I was taken way out of my comfort zone, since I was raised in my mom’s religion, Southern Baptist, joined my dad’s religion when I was 11, Mormon, and converted to Catholicism when I married my husband. I’m still a practicing Catholic today.  I’ve learned that “my relationship with God/Spirit” is bigger than the church I attend and has always been constant.

I’ve been a life coach for over two decades, although I didn’t begin my “formal training” until 2001 when my path crossed with the late Thomas J. Leonard.  The day I discovered his training program was like coming home.   His sudden death in 2003 shook my world, as it did many of his students, colleagues and friends, and it wasn’t until 2006 that I finally graduated from the Thomas Leonard Coaching School and the Graduate School of Coaching at Coachville.   During that time John and I were very busy parents.  I also ran a medical transcription business out of my home, taught Kindermusic to children between the ages of 4 and 7, studied massage therapy, lead study groups for the Inner Peace Movement and co-lead Extreme Self Care workshops, a mastermind group and book study groups in our community.   I’ve received certifications in various forms of holistic healing and coaching over the years but “Coach training” wasn’t just one more thing on my to-do list, it was a gift that connected me to “my tribe”.    As coaches in training we were encouraged to partner with other coaching students, we called them “buddy coaches”, so we could practice and integrate what we were learning.  I had several “buddy coaches” who are still among my nearest and dearest friends today, some I’ve never met in person and live in other countries.

Over the years I’ve learned that “life occurs in a conversation”.   In other words, what we say to our family, friends, co-workers, community and to OURSELVES, matter.  Conversations come in many forms, such as thoughtful discussions, short frustrated outbursts, the conversations we have in the silence of our own mind, and the prayers we offer up to a higher power.  Our conversations become our life experience.  I believe that one of the most powerful things a coach can do is to help their clients “upgrade” their conversations.   Thomas Leonard believed that  everyone’s a coach and I believe that’s true.  Most people I talk to admit that they have acted as a personal coach for someone in their life, a child, partner, friend, co-worker, etc.  I built my coaching practice around this idea, to inspire my clients to listen and develop their “inner coach” and upgrade their conversations – especially the ones they are having with themselves.  When they do this they “live and lead by example” and they change their world.

“Most of my advances were by mistake. You uncover what is when you get rid of what isn’t.” – Buckminister Fuller

In late 2011 I was voted onto the board of governors by my peers at the International Association of Coaching, a great honor for me.  I served as treasurer in 2012-2013 and president in 2014-2015.  Again, I was asked to expand out of my comfort zone during this time and I can’t tell you what a blessing this was.   We were a team of like minded, diverse souls from all around the globe with a common mission, “to expand the path to coaching mastery”, and that mission continues.  I am so very grateful for that time in my life, for my peers and fellow coaches who are changing lives, and for the personal friendships and connections that continue to nurture and inspire me.

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans.” – Woody Allen

By 2015 I had build a very successful coaching practice but I was exhausted.   The day I was hauled off to the hospital in the back of an ambulance was the final straw. It was time for me to take my self-care to the extreme, something I had been teaching my clients to do for years.

So I withdrew from the world for a while. I shut down my websites, put my coaching business on hold, I turned down the volume on what felt like an extremely loud and busy life and I began to listen to my heart again.  I joined my husband at the gym and started working out again.  I hired a personal trainer and reached goals I never could have without help.  I’ve learned that no goal is worth neglecting your health for  – self care is number one.

I am more passionate than ever about helping my clients succeed at achieving their dreams and true aspirations.  If you are curious about what coaching can do for you I invite you to contact me to take a free life empowerment assessment followed by a 30 minute phone consultation where I will share my insights with you and we’ll discuss next steps…totally FREE with no obligation to sign up for coaching.  I look forward to hearing from you!

Be well my friend,

Vicki is the “go to” for a Holistic Approach to Success.   With the proper mindset, tools, and support your life can unfold in surprising and miraculous ways!

Vicki Zanini is an internationally known life empowerment coach with over two decades of experience working with an international clientele. 

  • Graduate of Coachville’s Thomas Leonard Coaching School and The Graduate School of Coaching
  • Former president of the International Association of Coaching
  • Certified Holistic Practitioner, Yogananda
  • Mind-Body Fitness Coach
  • Reiki Master/Teacher
  • Beyond Quantum Healing Practitioner
  • Holistic Life Coach